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Lauterbrunnen will not ban wingsuit flying

Local News // Oct. 14, 2016
Lauterbrunnen will not ban wingsuit flying

Despite Chamonix banning wingsuit jumping last week, authorities in Switzerland's mecca of the sport, Lauterbrunnen (BE), say they see no need to do the same just yet, despite 4 deaths this year.

In Chamonix, 5 people have been killed wingsuit flying this year, with a Russian crashing into a chalet last Monday prompting the Savoyard resort to put a halt to the sport.

Speaking to Le Matin, the commune's president, Martin Stäger, said there are many more accidents amongst climbers or hikers or those on a motorcycle.

Michi Schwery, president of the Swiss Base Association said there have never been any “collateral” victims in Lauterbrunnen and the only place forbidden to jump is from the waterfall of Staubbach where there are too many tourists.

He added that despite the number of jumps increasing from between 200 and 500 in 1994 to 20,000 a year, there are no more accidents.

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