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Taxis could soon deliver packages on a Sunday

Local News // Oct. 12, 2016
Taxis could soon deliver packages on a Sunday

Packages could soon be delivered on a Sunday as La Poste wants to roll out a pilot of the service, which is provided by taxi drivers.

The postal company say last October's test with Nespresso and Coop was successful and they are in talks with several other companies to extend the service.

During the trial, shoppers in Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne, could order from coop@home up to 13:30 on Saturdays or from Nespresso until 12 o'clock.

The products were then delivered to the post office where goods where transferred to taxi drivers who would deliver them as they came home on Sunday morning.

La Poste haven't revealed how much this will costs retailers, but Coop consumers weren't charged extra for the service.

Nespresso shoppers had to pay 4.50 francs for over 200 capsules and 9.50 francs for less than 200 capsules on a Sunday.

La Poste believe the service will grow over the coming years and will help online providers stand out from the competition.

By law, the Post Office is not allowed to deliver packages on Sunday, but the company can bypass this by working with taxi companies.

La Poste also haven't revealed which companies have shown an interest, although Coop have extended the pilot phase until further notice. Nespresso has already decided to continue the offer.

The Migros subsidiary LeShop and online fashion retailer Zalando say they have “no concrete plans" for a Sunday service.

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