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Indian diplomats to be exempt from visas

Local News // Oct. 7, 2016
Indian diplomats to be exempt from visas

Switzerland has signed an agreement with India that allows diplomats to be exempt from standard visa requirements.

Swiss Justice Minister, Simonetta Sommaruga, secured the accord on an official visit to India. Her office says that the agreement ‘facilitates the freedom of diplomatic travellers and favours cooperation with India.' The hope is that granting visa exemptions for diplomats will strengthen Switzerland's position as a host nation for international organisations.

Ms. Sommaruga also signed an agreement that will make it easier to help both Swiss and Indians who don't have the correct paperwork for travel in both countries.

Switzerland issues 1,700 work visas to people from India each year. Indians visiting the country as tourists or on business account for nearly one-fifth of visitors' visas issued by Switzerland.

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