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Anthamatten trial gets underway in Geneva

Local News // Oct. 3, 2016
Anthamatten trial gets underway in Geneva

The murder trial has begun in Geneva of a convicted rapist, accused of slitting the throat of his therapist in 2013.

Forty-two year-old Fabrice Anthamatten has admitted killing 34 year-old Adeline Morel but has denied that her killing was premeditated.

Ms. Morel was brutally killed when she accompanied the defendant to a therapy session when he was on day release from prison in Geneva. Anthamatten was serving a 20-year sentence having been convicted twice of rape.

After leaving Ms. Morel's body in woodland, he fled the scene and was later arrested in Poland before being extradited to Switzerland.

Anthamatten faces a life sentence if he is found guilty of murder.

Tags: murder, trial

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