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The 18th International Art Fair kicks off in Zurich

Local News // Sept. 30, 2016
The 18th International Art Fair kicks off in Zurich

The 18th International Art Fair has kicked off in Zurich featuring painting, graphics, sculpture and photography from across the world. This year it runs from September 30th to October 2nd. 

The contemporary art event is a popular and well-established public sale and trade exhibition and one of the most popular institutions in the art scene of Switzerland.

Last year, about 20,000 visitors came to the show where they could also talk to artists and make contacts.

Sabina Gisiger is part of the Art International team and one of this event's co-organisers.

She spoke to Katt Cullen for the Mid Morning Mix about the event and what makes it special, plus there's a few personal anecdotes on the art they've seen and loved:

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