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TPG tickets in Geneva to rise

Local News // Sept. 27, 2016
TPG tickets in Geneva to rise

An agreement been made to increase the price of Geneva public transport tickets from December, but the rates still remain the lowest in Switzerland.

Hourly tickets will increase from 3 to 3.20 francs, with the adult monthly pass going up from 70 to 75 francs and from 45 to 49 francs for pensioners and children.

The annual subscription will rise from 500 to 550 francs for adults and 400-440 francs for pensioners and children.

The decision was made in a bid to stop a predicted 6 per cent decline in income.

Lower rates approved in 2014 did not generate enough revenue, so a new solution was needed without increasing TPG's subsidy.

The extra money will pay for an express bus and allow extra trams to run.

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