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Greatest increase in Swiss health insurance premiums in 6 years

Local News // Sept. 26, 2016
Greatest increase in Swiss health insurance premiums in 6 years

Health insurance premiums will rise by an average of 4.5% across Switzerland for 2017, with children, young adults and French speaking areas some of the worst affected.

The Federal Health Office have announced that the standard premium for adults with a 300 francs deduction and accident coverage will rise by 4.5% on average, the greatest increase in six years, according to the Tribune de Geneve.

One of the hardest hit last regions last year, the Jura has the largest increase (7.3%), followed by the Glarus (7.1%), Valais (6.4%) and Appenzell Rhodes-Intérieures / Appenzell Inner Rhodes (6.4%).

The least affected cantons are Berne (3.5%) and Aargau (3.6%) with a total of seven cantons (AG, BE, LU, SH, TG, ZG, ZH), all in German-speaking, less than 4%.

Eleven other cantons are greater than 5%, mainly in French speaking area, including Valais and Fribourg (5.1%), Neuchâtel (5.6%) Geneva (5.7%), and Ticino (5, 7%).

The increase in premiums for children will be even higher, at 6.6% nationally with Geneva (9.7), Valais (8.2%) and Jura (8.2%) experiencing the largest increases.

Premiums for young adults (between 19 and 25 years) will also see big rises of 5.4%.

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