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Lawyers and sheikh indicted for fake legal video

Local News // Sept. 19, 2016
Lawyers and sheikh indicted for fake legal video

Three Geneva lawyers and a Kuwaiti sheikh have been indicted for forging an arbitration video.

The sheikh, Ahmad al-Sabah, is a member of the International Olympic Committee and the executive committee of world football governing body FIFA.

The legal dispute goes back several years and questions the authenticity of a video that discredited one of the sheikh's rivals for power in Kuwait, Nasser al-Sabah.

The video was put under arbitration, a procedure commonly used by companies to settle disputes out of court.

The current indictments concern whether recordings of the subsequent arbitration were authentic or staged to favour Ahmad al-Sabah, who "denies the charges against him”.

Geneva police have already made several interrogations and searches related to the matter.

A source close to the investigation deems it a sensitive case as it could damage Geneva's reputation as an international seat of arbitration.

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