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Amnesty call for Switzerland to host more refugees

Local News // Sept. 19, 2016
Amnesty call for Switzerland to host more refugees

Amnesty International are calling for the Swiss Federal Council to fulfill its promise to host 1,500 Syrian refugees.

Their campaign, “Everyone is protected, except refugees," has been launched at train stations in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern and Basel.

The organisation hopes it will draw attention "to the vulnerable people who have given up everything in their home country to seek a safe country."

Amnesty say only 751 refugees arrived directly from the Syrian conflict zone, while the government promised last year to receive 1500 over three years.

It was also agreed that Switzerland would host 1,500 asylum seekers to take pressure off Greece and Italy, but infact only 72 were admitted.

Amnesty are calling for the federal government to demonstrate solidarity by accepting more refugees and asylum seekers

In a statement, the organisation said "instead of offering protection to refugees, Europe focuses on their return and the outsourcing of its responsibilities beyond its borders. States, including Switzerland, must do more to protect those fleeing the Syrian conflict.”

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