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Parents accidentally leave baby on train in Bern

Local News // Sept. 8, 2016
Parents accidentally leave baby on train in Bern

Parents were left horrified on Tuesday when a Interregio train left without them… with their newborn baby on board the service to Biel/Bienne. 

According to 20 Minutes, Swiss federal railways (SBB) say the couple had boarded the train at Lyss, in the canton of Bern, when they realised they hadn't validated their tickets.

So they hurried off the train to get them stamped. But the doors shut and the train left the station.

Staff said they couldn't believe it when they found the baby in a stroller in an empty cabin. They often find unexpected objects, like assault rifles or even a wheelchair, but never a child.

The parents quickly reported what had happened and were reunited with their baby in Biel/Bienne.

Fortunately the baby slept through the whole drama.

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