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Culling wolves may not save sheep - study

Local News // Sept. 8, 2016
Culling wolves may not save sheep - study

An international study has found that killing wolves may not necessarily save sheep, but result in more attacks on livestock.

But the study and Swiss authorities emphasises the importance of herd protection.

The findings suggest that culling wolves leads to disorganised packs and more lone wolves. Instead, non-lethal methods were more effective than lethal methods in preventing attacks.

Switzerland's lead gamekeeper says he's unsurprised by the findings, agreeing that if the alpha wolves are shot, it affects the whole pack.

Reinhard Schnidrig of the Federal Office for the Environment says this doesn't mean, however, that problem wolves shouldn't be shot.

The study comes just two weeks after the Swiss cabinet announced that it wanted to reform hunting laws – making it easier to cull animals that cause serious damage or threaten humans or other species.

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