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Crescent shaped sculpture placed on Swiss mountain

Local News // Sept. 8, 2016
Crescent shaped sculpture placed on Swiss mountain

An artist who wanted to see something other than a cross on Swiss mountain tops, has installed a crescent shaped sculpture on one summit in eastern Switzerland.

Christian Meier, a confirmed atheist, helicoptered his three-metre high “Half Moon” sculpture, which also came with solar panels, up the Freiheit mountain in canton Appenzell Inner Rhodes.

Hikers reached the peak on Wednesday to find the artwork, which also came with solar panels alongside.

Meier told the St Galler Tagblatt newspaper, that it is "absurd" to erect religious symbols on mountains. "Religion is a private matter. Therefore Christian symbols do not belong on a mountain top."

Hikers weren't that impressed with the sculpture and local authorities have demanded that he removes it as it has no permit to be on the mountain.

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