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Crashed jet could have received wrong ATC information

Local News // Sept. 7, 2016
Crashed jet could have received wrong ATC information

A military investigation has found that incorrect information on altitude was sent to the pilot of the fighter jet that crashed in the Susten pass last week.

The F/A 18 military jet was flying at 3050 meters above the sea level when it should have been at 4360 meters.

It's still not clear why air the traffic controller, Skyguide, sent too low a reading and if it was to blame for the crash.

Investigators are also looking into how the pilot reacted and why they lost contact with him, but say it's too early to establish the cause of the accident.

The aircraft had taken off from the Meiringen airbase at 4:01 p.m on Monday 29, but at 16:05, the operations centre lost contact with the pilot.

The wreckage of the plane was spotted on Tuesday and the pilot's body found the next day at the site of the crash.

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