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Swiss People's Party vows to fight immigration

Local News // Sept. 5, 2016
Swiss People's Party vows to fight immigration

Switzerland's biggest political party has announced plans to try and curb the flow of people into the country by quitting the Schengen Zone.

Vice President of the right-wing People's Party (SVP), Christoph Blocher made the statement after a parliamentary panel rejected the government's proposal to impose quotas on the number of foreigners entering the country next year.

They said it said would violate free movement and put at risk Switzerland's bilateral treaties with the EU.

Instead, they opted for a compromise based around hiring workers with a preference towards local people.

Mr Bolcher told the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger: "If we see that the law to implement a 2014 referendum to curb immigration does not massively reduce immigration, the SVP will launch an initiative to end the free movement of people.”

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