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Jet d'Eau celebrates 125 years

Local News // Sept. 5, 2016
Jet d'Eau celebrates 125 years

This year marks the 125th birthday of Geneva's most famous icon, the Jet d'eau.

Inaugurated in 1891 for the Federal Gymnastics Festival and lit a few days later for the 600 year of the Confederation, the jet actually goes back to 1886 and is linked to Geneva's watchmaking history.

When the then water powered factories closed for the weekend, the excess pressure in the system had to be released, which caused a water spout.

When it first opened it shot just 90 metres into the air, but in 1951, Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) opened an electrically powered pump system, pushing the water up 140 metres.

This year the fountain gained two new features: LED lighting projectors and a walkway.

Director of Environment of SIG, Yves de Siebenthal, told Katy Dartford a bit about the jets history:

SIG are offering 125 chances to push of the button and turn the jet on.

To win, just answer a question about the Jet d'eau their Facebook page. They will post a new question every day until 11th September.

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