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Violence at Geneva hospital 'intolerable'

Local News // Sept. 2, 2016
Violence at Geneva hospital 'intolerable'

Violence against the hospital staff at HUG, or Geneva's Cantonal Hospital, has increased has increased over the last two years.

This includes attempted strangulation, slaps, punches or attacks with knives.

In 2014, 21 cases were reported. This year, the figure was surpassed in July with forty cases reported.

Director of HUG, Bertrand Levrat, says the situation is “intolerable" and states that "the majority of assaults required an intervention HUG security service."

These acts of violence mainly affect the Emergency and Psychiatry Department, and are carried out by patients or their relatives.

Knives, swords, and even an axe and a pistol have been confiscated.

A poster campaign with the slogan "You're not here to suffer abuse, neither are we" has begun in hospital buildings,

There is also a permanent security officer in A and E.

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