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News programme blames incorrect data for Swiss fighter jet crash

Local News // Sept. 2, 2016
News programme blames incorrect data for Swiss fighter jet crash

The SFR news program 10 vor 10 has blamed Skyguide, which provide air navigation information to the military and monitors Swiss airspace, for a military jet crashing in the Susten Pass on Monday.

Swiss military justice has admitted that this could be one of the elements, among others, involved in the crash of the F / A-18 fighter jet, but they say too early to determine the exact causes.

Military Justice spokesman, Tobias Kühne, quoted in Le Matin, says "Right now, we do not yet have a complete picture of what happened. The debris is difficult to collect and the black box had not yet been found."

Blick reports that on Thursday night, the news program claimed that an inaccurate altimeter reading was transmitted to the pilot from air traffic control at the Meiringen military airfield.

Skyguide say they can neither deny nor confirm this as the Military Justice immediately seized all available recordings and made them confidential.

The pilot, named only as 27-year-old David G, who lived near the Payerne airbase in Vaud, was killed in the accident.

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