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Foreign could lose out to Swiss workers after Ticino vote

Local News // Sept. 2, 2016
Foreign could lose out to Swiss workers after Ticino vote

Residents of Ticino are to vote on an initiative on September 25th that will promote Swiss workers over foreigners, if they are equally qualified.

Ticino has focused on the issue as it has a high numbers of cross-border workers, mostly coming over from Italy.

The ‘Ours first' initiative, supported by the Swiss People's Party (SVP), calls for Ticino to move towards introducing the principles of the 2014 national referendum, which approved the idea of quotas on immigration.

It's hoped the initiative will prevent the hiring of foreigners at a cut-price cost, and curb growing unemployment and lower salaries for Swiss workers in the canton.

Le Matin report's that many politicians agree with the idea, but want to tackle the issue at federal level as part of their ongoing discussions with the EU over limiting immigration quotas.

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