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Swiss hope fate will deliver them their dream partner, not dating sites

Local News // Sept. 1, 2016
Swiss hope fate will deliver them their dream partner, not dating sites

Single people in Switzerland appear to be lax about dating.

Dating website, PARSHIP spoke to 500 people and found a third of 18-69 year olds were single, despite 70 percent of men and 60 percent of women wanting to be in a relationship.

Despite this only one in ten are actively searching for a relationship - the rest hoping fate will deliver them a dream partner.

The findings by the dating platform perhaps explain why about half of all singletons have been so for over three years.

According the PARSHIP, the Bernese were single for the longest amount of time - and unsurprisingly- were also the most passive in the hunt for a partner, with NO respondents actively seeking a new one.

In contrast, people in Zurich are the most active.

It also seems most singles are resigned to their fate, with one third not even wanting a partner and in Bern, almost half feel that way.

Whilst men say they have had many failed relationships and are happier single, women simply won't compromise.

Psychologist Barbara Beckenbauer, from PARSHIP says it shows another change in society; that it's an accepted alternative, especially in cities, to not be in a relationship.

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