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Speedrider found dead on Eiger after six months

Local News // Sept. 1, 2016
Speedrider found dead on Eiger after six months

The body of an American extreme sports enthusiast, who went missing in the Eiger region in March, has been discovered near the Jungfrau mountain.

Bern cantonal police say the 28-year-old's body was spotted by a helicopter crew on August 25.

Harrison Fast, from Boulder, Colorado, was speed flying when the group he was with lost sight of him in bad weather.

Speed flyers run or ski down slopes and then use special parachutes designed to let them fly fast and close to the ground.

Fast's family organized a large-scale search for him, using drones to fly over dangerous terrain.

His remains were found near the Guggi glacier which had recently partially collapsed.

In a statement on Facebook, his family said they was relieved but deeply saddened to confirm that Fast's remains had been identified.

His father, John will travel to Lauterbrunnen next week to "bring Harry home."

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