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Pilot of Swiss fighter jet found dead after crash

Local News // Aug. 31, 2016
Pilot of Swiss fighter jet found dead after crash

The pilot of the Swiss military jet that crashed in the mountains near the Susten Pass in central Switzerland on Monday has been found dead.

The wreckage of the F/A-18 fighter jet was found on Tuesday in a deep basin, with steep glacier slopes.

Army helicopters had been searching for the missing one-seater fighter jet and pilot since Monday afternoon.

However, the search had been hampered by bad weather conditions that had made it impossible to access the crash site on foot.

After taking off from the Meiringen military airport at 16:01 pm, the missing pilot had responded to a radio call as expected at 16:05.

However, he failed to reply to a second call. He and the other F/A-18 Hornet pilot were practising manoeuvres for a potential engagement with an F-5 Tiger aircraft.

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