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Swiss Burka ban would be a 'pretext to attack Islam'

Local News // Aug. 30, 2016
Swiss Burka ban would be a 'pretext to attack Islam'

The president of the Federal Commission against Racism say an initiative to ban any face-covering headgear in Switzerland is a pretext to attack Islam.

It's president, Martine Brunschwig Graf, told the Tribune de Genève that the ban in France hasn't resolved anything.

A group of right-wing politicians, the Egerkingen Committee, launched a ‘burka ban' initiative in March 2016.

It has until September 15 next year to collect 100,000 signatures to try to force a nationwide vote.

Meanwhile, the Geneva-based United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has welcomed a decision by France's highest administrative court to suspend a controversial ban on burkinis, warning that the ban had fuelled religious intolerance and stigmatization.

However, a recent study found that over 70 percent of Swiss would back a nationwide burqa ban.

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