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Swiss and EU talks over immigration on hold for the summer

Local News // Aug. 3, 2016
Swiss and EU talks over immigration on hold for the summer

Summer talks between the EU and Switzerland over immigration have ended without a solution to the deadlock.

Discussions were put back as the EU did not want to negotiate with Berne on the free movement of people before knowing the outcome of the Brexit vote in the UK.

The Confederation had been promised a window of late June to July for negotiations to take place, but Brussels has now closed its offices for August.

As a result, Switzerland is likely to have to re-introduce quotas for limiting influxes of foreigners as required by a nationwide vote in 2014. 

But this risks destroying a set of EU treaties vital to the Swiss economy, such as movement of workers, trade and transport.

A further meeting has been scheduled for September 19 in Zurich where its hoped a solution can be found.

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