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Spaniard swims length of Lake Geneva in record time

Local News // Aug. 2, 2016
Spaniard swims length of Lake Geneva in record time

A man from Spain has broken the record for swimming the entire length of Lake Geneva.

40-year-old Jaime Caballero arrived at the jet d'eau at 2pm on Monday after setting off from the shores of Villeneuve 22 hours and 39 minutes earlier.

The amateur open-water swimmer from the Basque country, who has previously swum the English Channel, Loch Ness and around Ibiza, is raising money for Geneva-based charity, the Foundation for Diabetes Research.

Caballero managed to beat the previous record for swimming Lake Geneva, set 30 years ago, by three minutes.

At the finish, he said he was. "I'm tired but happy for the foundation. Psychologically, it was hard with the waves and wind. "

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