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Terrorism alert app could be developed for Switzerland

Local News // July 26, 2016
Terrorism alert app could be developed for Switzerland

Authorities in Switzerland are looking into developing an alert system to warn people in the event of terrorism, such as the recent attack in a shopping centre in Munich.

People in the city in southern Germany with a smart phone were sent a text telling them to avoid squares and streets in the area and warning them that public transport had been suspended.

According to 20 minutes, the Federal Office of Police want to develop a similar method to the "Katwarn" system that sends an SMS in the event of a terrorist or other type of attack.

Switzerland doesn't have such a system in place at the moment, although 60,000 people have registered to receive an alert in case of child abduction.

There is also the SwissAlert application that covers earthquakes, floods or nuclear incidents.

Bern want to first assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the system for terrorism and how it would be introduced into Switzerland.

Tags: text, sms, terror

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