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Study finds too much bacteria in alpine cheeses

Local News // July 26, 2016
Study finds too much bacteria in alpine cheeses

A survey by Le Matin newspaper has concluded that there is too much bacteria in alpine cheeses.

Partly due to hygiene problems and because they are often made from raw, unpasteurized milk, the cheeses are susceptible to E. coli

In 2015, the Valais food Inspectorate found that semi-hard Alpine cheese samples contained 30% more E. coli than recommended for safety.

In the canton of Berne, 18% of samples tested were contaminated with the same bacteria in 2015.

Valais chemist, Elmar Pfammater, told the paper that the "working conditions aren't so convenient there and its harder to maintain a good manufacturing process. "

Some strains of E. coli are highly pathogenic, but only a minority of these are found in the cheeses.

swiss-image.ch/Daniel Martinek

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