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Heavy storms cause flooding in German-speaking Switzerland

Local News // July 26, 2016
Heavy storms cause flooding in German-speaking Switzerland

Heavy storms have caused flooding in many parts of German-speaking Switzerland.

Firefighters from the canton of Schwyz had a busy night being called out to more than 100 emergencies, whilst police say they received over 200 distress calls.

They are still dealing with damage, although no casualties have been reported..

In Pfäffikon, the town centre and train station are under water.

The Höfe district was particularly affected with basements, garages and roads flooded.

In Wollerau and Schindellegi, traffic was disrupted by landslides.

Zurich has also been affected with boats unable to sail on Lake Zurich between Bürkliplatz and the National Museum.

Over the last 18 hours, 60 litres per m2 of rain fell in Zurich, Thun saw 39 litres and 36 litres fell in Stachen on Arbon.

Photo: Schwyz cantonal police

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