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Bisse d'Ayent chosen as illustration for new 100-franc notes

Local News // July 21, 2016
Bisse d'Ayent chosen as illustration for new 100-franc notes

The Swiss National Bank has revealed the Bisse d'Ayent as the illustration of the new 100-franc notes that will be issued in four years.

The choice surprised authorities in the Valais town, who said it was like "winning the lottery without having played," according to news agencies.

The historic irrigation channels in Valais often followed daring routes to arid pastures, vineyards and orchards.

The Bisse wood and the rock wall has already been the subject of a postcard for the Universal Exhibition in Milan in 2015.

Built in 1442, it was restored two decades ago and still supplies the villages of the municipality with irrigation water.

The SNB say they wanted to show Switzerland's humanitarian tradition and water will be the central theme of illustrations on various notes.

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