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CERN accused of opening a portal to hell

Local News // July 5, 2016
CERN accused of opening a portal to hell

An apocalyptic American sect has accused CERN of opening a portal to hell after they saw a photograph of a thunderstorm over the building in Geneva

Amateur photographer, Christophe Suarez took the snap on the night of June 24 from the Salève, and wants to disassociate himself from their theories.

That evening, there were storms across the Lake Geneva Region and the Haute-Savoie.

To his surprise the sect is using the photograph as "evidence" of the end of the world and an indictment against the "evil activities of CERN."

His image appeared with others in a video posted on YouTube by a group called Freedom Fighter, based in the United States.

In it, the narrator explains that the images show "a ball of energy" just above the famous Hadron Collider of CERN.

According to the video, the date coincided with launch of a new project Awake project at CERN, which is pushing studies into accelerating charged particles, such as electrons, positrons and ions.

However, the Awake project was still in its preparatory phase on June 24 and the first beam of particles was sent on July 4 without causing any climate change.

Details of the Awake project can be on CERN's website, for anyone who, of course, can understand it.

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