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Exhibition of Anton Mosimann memorabilia opens in Valais

Local News // June 3, 2016
Exhibition of Anton Mosimann memorabilia opens in Valais

Historical cookery books, menu cards, royal cooking accessories and personal memorabilia of Anton Mosimann - the celebrated bow-tie-sporting master chef - have gone on display in a permanent exhibition in Valais.

The Mosimann Collection is being exhibited in one wing of the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland campus in Le Bouveret.

All proceeds from admission fees will be donated to the Swiss Education Group Foundation to provide scholarships to the school.

The exhibition spans a number of spaces across four different floors, and is designed as a source of learning and inspiration for students.

In among the display cases, the exhibition's movie screen and a room dedicated to the British Royal Household are a number of features based on parts of the Mosimann's dining club in London, including its Montblanc private dining room and its staircases bedecked with photos of celebrities from all over the world.

The Mosimann Collection will be permanently open to students of the school, and groups can visit by reservation.

The general public will be admitted on Sundays beginning on 12 June.

Katy Dartford spoke to Anton Mosimann OBE about the exhibition:

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