• 29/09/2018 - 30/09/2018
  • HOTEL STARLING, CONFERENCE CENTER, Geneva, 1218, Switzerland
  • 022 550 2349
  • Website
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Just imagine if you actually saw a real UFO hovering over lake Geneva during broad daylight, would it change your world view?

What if the world governments decided that it was now time to make an official disclosure event, stating, that they have known all along about extraterrestrial beings who have been visiting us for hundreds of years. and, that they have now decided that mankind is sufficiently mature to know the truth about our commonly shared history and to start to interact again with our spiritually and technologically superior space brothers !

It would be E.T. 24/7 X 365 !

Soft disclosure is already happening through major news outlets and the the media in order to prepare our minds for the big day ! Don't be caught unawares and don't miss this amazing mind blowing conference that will reveal MANY MORE shocking, astounding - and often deliberately - hidden truths about the worlds past, the present and the future, which could ... if true and correctly understood .. either greatly empower, or deceive, an unprepared world ! Dare to take the 'RED PILL' and decide for yourself ... you may be glad you did !.

For full info, program and tickets go to : www.uni-light.org.

Reserve your place - lunch buffet, coffee x2 included!

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