Event: Mateusz Grzesiak Business Artificial Intelligence Live in Zurich


  • 15/08/2017
  • 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Holiday Inn Zurich Messe, Wallisellenstrasse 48, Zürich, 8050, Switzerland
  • +41764349724
  • Website
  • Cost: FREE


Tuesday August 15th, 2107 Mateusz Grzesiak Business Artificial Intelligence author of 12 books is coming to Zurich to share famous emotional and social intelligence, the psychology of success & mental development. Mateusz has performed with Randy Gage, Robert Cialdini, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield. He has been published in Forbes, Coaching, Huffington Post, Think Tank, Administradores, Cosmopolitan He built his knowledge, his techniques, and his methods into a comprehensive sales strategy, the ‘Straight Line Persuasion System’ and he makes use of his gift as a world class motivator and sales trainer by traveling around the globe and teaching people how to use his system successfully and – most of all – ethically. IMN Zurich has succeeded in bringing this globally famous speaker to Zurich. During training, Mateusz will teach the attendants his sales system, which has already made several thousands of people successful. He helps people and organisations achieve their goals by providing interdisciplinary psychology tools in four areas of business and personal life: sales and marketing, self-actualisation and relationships, culture and values, leadership and management. He graduated from Law and Psychology, and holds a Doctoral Degree in Economics in the specialisation of Management Science. He has been providing training internationally for more than 13 years in 7 languages, mainly in European markets (such as Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland) and Latino (Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia). Get your ticket now: Visit this website www.imnzurich.com