Event: MOVEMBER 2017 - Walk & Talk # 3 /GLOBAL Relay Special


  • 15/11/2017
  • 7 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • From Colovray Pool to the top of La Dole and back again, Gingins, 1276, Switzerland
  • +41794456277
  • Website
  • Cost: FREE


On my third Movember 2017 walk this year, I'm walking and talking with hundreds of folk all around the world! This is our first GLOBAL RELAY!!

A mate is walking in Melbourne Australia, then as he finishes, I'll start and then as I'm finishing, a mate will start in Seattle in the US. And there are going to be LOTS MORE people walking at locations all around the world.

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Here are details for the THIRD Movember 2017 walk and the GLOBAL RELAY:

Date: November 15th, 2017

Start time: There are TWO POSSIBLE START TIMES.

EARLY-RISER START TIME: 07:00 SHARP. I will start from Colovray Pool at 7:00am. I'll then head toward Gingins via the route described below. People who want to do the whole walk OR people who want an early morning pre-work hike before heading back to Nyon from Gingins or one of the other towns en route can join me here.

GINGINS POSTE START TIME: 09:00 SHARP. I will arrive at Gingins Poste car park at 08:45. I'll break there for a spell, cup of tea before heading up the mountain at 09:00. This gives people who need to get their kids to school or who have other commitments a chance to still join the walk but a little later. There are other opportunities to join the walk after Gingins. If there's snow, there's a gate (we call it Theresa's Gate because our one person sensational support crew - Theresa Hamilton - always meets us there with a smile, cake and coffee/tea) that's closed over the road around 4km up the Route de la Dole after Gingins. You can park there and join the walk from there. If there's no snow, the gate will be open and you could even drive all the way to the end of the road and join the walk from the small buvette at the end of the road below la Dole. Route: Past Nyon tennis courts, to Eysin (40 mins, 3.3km), then to Signy (1 hour, 5km), then to Grens (1.15 hours, 5.9km), then to Gingins Poste (1 hour, 40 mins, 8km). Buses are available in all these towns to take you back to Nyon. After Gingins it's a hike up the Route de la Dole to the end of the road (20km from the Lake, 12km from Gingins Poste) and then from there it's another 2.5km to the summit of La Dole. From there, we turn around and walk back down again (having taking photos and celebrated at the top of La Dole of course!)

Full walk duration: 11 to 11.5 hours We will have support at the start - croissants! - and then again at Gingins Poste - tea and cake - then at a point 4km above Gingins for the return journey.


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