Do I have to pay to post on your Classifieds, Property, or Events pages?

No, you can make any of these post for free. 

We do offer the option to pay to feature your Classified or Property listing, giving it listing priority over the others, for a fee. Featuring your listing at the top of the page will help it get maximum visibility.

To make sure your message reaches the English speaking community in Switzerland, please contact our sales team for a boutique proposal to fit your business goals. Advertising options include content marketing, newsletter placement, banner ads, social media, print, and radio spots. 

How long do my listings stay on the site for?

Your listing will by default go up on the site for 1 month. If you sell your item sooner than this, we urge you to remove your listing from the site to avoid receiving more messages about it. 

Each month you will receive a notification asking if you would like to extend your listing for another month.

I want to put my ad up for three months - why can I only add it for one month?

We are keen to make sure the Classifieds listings are always valid and fresh. You will be prompted to renew your listing each month. This helps us to automatically remove dead listings. 

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

To reply to a listing use the contact form provided on the listing page. You must be logged in to your WRS account to send a message. Sellers and buyers can send messages through the messaging dashboard on the WRS website. You will receive an email notification each time you receive a new message. 

View all of your messages in the WRS dashboard when you are logged into your WRS account. Simply click “Your WRS” in the top right corner of the website. 

Why wasn’t my listing approved? 

If your listing contains inappropriate, spam, or scam content (such as class A drugs or cash loans) it will not be approved. If you think your listing has been mistakenly denied, please send us a message. 

The WRS Classifieds are a service for the community. Companies wishing to reach Switzerland’s English-speaking market should contact the WRS sales team. 

Identifying and handling scams

We screen all Classified, Property, and Event listings before we approve them to appear online and we do our best to identify and delete scams.  

Please remember to always be cautious when communicating with an unknown party over the internet. Most people are genuine, but there are also others who try to profit from scamming others. Parties trying to initiate wire transfers, postal orders or cheque based transactions are almost certainly fraudulent. A good resource for information on common online scams can be found on the Action Fraud website.

Tips for identifying scams:

  • Deal locally and face-to-face 
  • Never wire payment to someone with a service such as Western Union or through a third party 
  • Do not send payment to someone you have not met in person 
  • Never give out your financial information 
  • Do not rent or purchase a property sight-unseen - if a listing seems too good to be true it probably is 

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