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Cheeses sliced to your wishes. 

Katt's Cheese Board Week 5

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Riblaire is a true goats cheese with a mild flavour that intensifies with age. A real treat for goat's cheese connoisseurs. Riblaire is produced in the French region of Charentes-Poitou, an area with a wealth of experience in the production of goat's cheese.

Pro Montagna Gstaad Herb Alpine Cheese

This Gstaad mountain cheese is spicy, aromatic and has a distinctive aroma, which is enhanced by the herbs. Ripened between 90 - 150 days, we found that this cheese had a real wow factor. The rind is edible.  

Le Gruyère Surchoix AOP

Our hard cheese this week is this Gruyère with a fruity aroma and salty base note. It's a Swiss cheese, full fat and made from raw milk. It's one of the most delicious Gruyère's we've tasted, perhaps because it's been ripened between 301-360 days.