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WRS now on DAB+ in Zurich!

The Breakfast Show // WRS // By WRS // April 11, 2017

Listen to WRS on DAB+ in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Valais, Lucerne, Zug, and Winterthur. 

WRS now on DAB+ in Zurich!

Longtime listeners have been enjoying WRS for over 20 years, but if you're just joining us, allow us to introduce ourselves... 

WRS is Switzerland's only 24/7 English-language radio station. We're also the Swiss partner of the BBC World Service so you can hear BBC news every hour and several hour long BBC news programmes and documentaries throughout the day. We've been on air for 21 years in the Suisse Romande and have now extended our coverage to include Deutschschweiz! Tune in for fun chat, events coverage, BBC news, fantastic prizes, and top UK and US music hits. 

Start your morning with Mark Butcher on the TalkTalk Breakfast Show. Follow that up with Katt Cullen's Mid Morning Mix, to stay in the know with all the best events happening across Switzerland. We've also got Goldierocks, Jamie Cullum, and shows about politics, gardening, health, parenting, aviation, and much more. Browse the WRS show list and get to know our presenters

Welcome to WRS! 

Ways to Listen


Listen to WRS on your DAB+ radio in Zurich, Geneva, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Zug, Lucerne, Vaud, and Winterthur… with more regions coming soon! 

> Not sure what DAB+ is? There’s a bunch more info at the bottom of this page.

> No DAB+ radio in your car? It's cheap and easy to install an adapter. Scroll down for more info. 

To find WRS on your DAB+ radio, in all areas outside central Zurich, simply search for WRS and click 'select'. Depending where you are, you may get the cantonal abbreviation showing which transmitter your radio is tuned to - GE for Geneva for example. 

In Zurich, we have teamed up with SKUIZZ - a radio station which plays the best new dance mixes overnight. You can listen to WRS every day from 6AM - 7PM (7AM - 8PM on Sundays) but you need to search for SKUIZZ on your DAB+ radio.



More and more listeners are tuning in to WRS online. You can stream WRS worldwide on your computer, on your phone, and in your car. Make sure to check your data subscription with your mobile provider. 


Bookmark worldradio.ch/player and stream WRS 24/7 from our website. 

WRS app

Download the WRS app from iTunes or Google Play. Listen from your phone or connect via bluetooth in your car. 

Radio streaming

WRS is also available on all major radio streaming apps, such as TuneIn. 


About DAB+


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB+ is an upgrade to the older system that’s been in use in several European countries since the late 1990s.

You can buy a DAB+ radio at any major electronics retailer.

DAB+ radio stations are listed by name rather than frequency. Just scroll through the list of available stations on your DAB+ radio until you see “WRS” on the screen. Push "select” and you’re done. 

Standard DAB radios will not receive DAB+. Make sure you buy a DAB+ radio. It will say DAB+ on the box or receiver. 

DAB+ works using a network of lower powered transmitters dotted around the region – a bit like a mobile phone network. If you have a DAB+ radio in your car, or are using a portable receiver, it will find the strongest available signal and switch without you noticing. Thanks to digital technology, sometimes the receivers may use a combination of two or more transmitters at the same time, which makes the signal even more robust.

DAB+ in your car

Most new cars now come equipped with DAB+ radios but it’s also simple to upgrade your car for DAB+

The simplest and cheapest way to get DAB+ in your car is to install an adaptor. This is a separate unit which can be attached to the windscreen, similar to a sat nav. A low-powered FM transmitter in the unit will send the signal to your existing car radio.

For older cars with the ‘box’ style radio, you can buy a DAB+ radio to replace it. 

For newer cars an auto repair professional can replace it for you. Your radio will be brought up to date, but will look the same. 

There are currently four different DAB+ to FM adaptors that can be simply installed in any make of car:

  • - DAB Motion - has an advanced automotive interface that provides digital radio reception through your vehicle's existing audio system. Universal for any car radio. Plug and play, or hardwired installation.
  • - MediaDAB - PASER - allows you to transform your OEM FM radio into a real digital receiver. All functions are manageable from your car steering wheel commands. Professional installation needed.
  • - CALIBER PMT 700D  - very simple 'plug and play' transmitter which can be easily plugged into your in-car power supply (such as a cigarette lighter) and programmed within a couple of minutes.
  • - Highway Pure - very simple 'plug and play' transmitters (like the Caliber) which can also be removed from the car to be used as a personal DAB radio set elsewhere.  


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