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Winner of BMW i8 Mark comes into the studio

WRS // Feb. 16, 2017

As we're sure you remember, we gave away a fantastic BMW i8 for a year back in September. 

wrs Winner of BMW i8 Mark comes into the studio

Barbara and her husband Mark were delighted to win the car. They guessed correctly the car would run for 599km on one tank of fuel and one full charge of the battery. 

They got the car in October - and since then have been running around in it every day. Not just on nice ling drives, but also going to the shops and taking the kids to school - who are also insistijng they are picked up in it every day! 

Barbara and Mark have fallen in love with it. They think the BMW i8 is stylish, fun and highly economical to run with its hybrid engine. 

Mark came into the studio to have a chat about the car with Mark Butcher and Katt Cullen.

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