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Why women are leaving work at 3:20pm on International Women's Day

Mid Morning Mix // WRS // March 7, 2017

Women are invited to leave work early at 15:20 on Wednesday 8th March - International Women's Day - 20% earlier than the typical work day, to highlight the gender pay gap between men and women. It's from this time each day that women go unpaid as compared to their male counterparts. 

To raise awareness, women are asked to snap a selfie with a clock showing 15:20 and post it on social media with the #20percentearly, #equalpay and #daywithoutawoman

Women may also choose to join the international women's strike taking place in 30 countries by

  1. Taking the full day off from paid and unpaid work
  2. Avoiding spending any money to show the economical impact women have (with exceptions of small, women and minority-owned businesses) 
  3. Wearing red in solidarity
  4. Announcing their actions on social media with #daywithoutawoman

If you're able to leave work at this time and based in Geneva, come along to the Bains de Paquis in Geneva between 15:30 and 17:00 for a networking, exchange, meditation and yoga afternoon. (More information can be found on the Women's March - Geneva facebook page) 

If you can't attend, post your selfies at 15:20 and wear red in solidarity to support the cause and raise awareness. Yes, men too! 

Johanna Gusman, Sari Galapo and Isabella Jorge joined Katt in the studio to talk about the awareness campaign in Switzerland and internationally. 

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