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What's on at the UN? The Evolution of Multilateralism

UN Roundup // Politics // Feb. 17, 2020


In this week's update, Daniel updates us on the Libya talks that are set to resume tomorrow at the UN Palais, after Un Special Envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams called for world to “step up” and respect arms embargo. Today, EU foreign ministers will meet to discuss how to do this.



Also we take a look at Syria’s North-West (Idlib) and the warnings of dire conditions in last opposition-held bastion. The World Food Programme’s Elisabeth Byrs talks about the heavy bombardment in the city of Atareb over the past couple of days and the numbers of displaced people since December 2019. 

Finally, Daniel explains the public talk that will take place this Thursday 20 February: The Evolution of Multilateralism: Perspectives from the Global South - an opportunity to discuss the role of the Global South in multilateralism and the vision of many nations that were sidelined during the creation of the structures of global cooperation that emerged after the Second World War. This is a public event. Registration is required in advance. 




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