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We have moved - here's how to get us!

WRS // March 10, 2016


We have moved - here's how to get us!

You have to rescan your radio - and your DAB radio WILL have that function. It has to.

Also, make sure your antenna is extended. Even if you didn't need it before - you may need it for the new signal.

  • Make sure the radio is in a good location to get a signal
  • Select the function that says ‘retune’ or ‘scan’
  • Depending on your location, you will see WRS GE +, WRS VD +, or both
  • Check which one is the stronger signal and press select - you’re done

On your DAB radio in the car

  • If you only get one of the signals when you rescan, try again when you’re either closer to Geneva or Lausanne
  • A rescan won’t delete the other signal - this way you'll have both saved

Note: The transmitter marked VD is actually based in Thonon and has a very strong signal. It will reach into Geneva. It's probably the best choice along the A1 corridor and the Pays de Gex.

The Geneva signal (based in Crozet) is excellent for the city of Geneva. There are also lower powered repeaters in the city.

We know more and more of you are streaming WRS - whether in your car, through our mobile app, or on your computer. For our streaming listeners - you're all set, don't do anything!

If you haven't yet tried streaming WRS - give it a try!

  • Bookmark www.worldradio.ch/player and stream WRS 24/7 from our mobile responsive website
  • Download the WRS app on your iPhone or Android device

Link to iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wrs/id448302610

Link to Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmedia.radiofrontier

Mobile data plans continue to improve and many providers offer affordable unlimited data plans - perfect for listening to WRS.

Check your data subscription options with your mobile provider.

If you have any problems, you can always contact us - telling us your problem and make sure you mention the brand of your DAB receiver.

For more advanced users:

If you'd like to enter the stream URL into your playing machine manually, then use:


For retuning your DAB radio: if you have a set which allows for 2 DAB settings (sometimes noted as DAB mode 1/2) Then set the Geneva (GE) frequency in one and the Vaud (VD) frequency in the other. This means your radio will automatically select the stronger signal.

If you can see the multiplex name on your radio (or MUX) then the one marked 'Digris' is the one you want. We're moving off the SSR multiplex.

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