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Tottenham Hotspur coach in town with Intersoccer

Events // July 5, 2016

Need something to get the kids out and about this summer? What about Intersoccer summer camps?

Tottenham Hotspur coach in town with Intersoccer

Children from 3-14 years can join in across many of the different camps. There's general soccer camps, girls camps and goal keeper camps amongst others.

Next week, Intersoccer offer a Tottenham Hotspur special camp, with 2 coaches from Tottenham Hotspur coming over especially to work with kids aged 5-14yrs. Steve from Intersoccer came into the studio this morning to tell us all about it.

For more info, see Intersoccer on our events page where you'll also find a handy link to the Intersoccer website for prices & booking. 

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