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Top 5 Swiss celebrity hangouts

drivetime // Entertainment // July 13, 2016

Feeling starstruck? Switzerland is a well-known destination for the fabulous and famous. If you're in the mood for a bit of celebrity spotting then make sure to hit up these top spots this summer!

Top 5 Swiss celebrity hangouts

5. Gstaad

Madonna, Anne Hathaway and top fashion designer Valentino (are you listening Hansine?) are all regular visitors. But we don't only have visitors... Famous residents include F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and Julie Andrews (the hills are alive!). Andrews was made an honorary resident in 2014!

4. Verbier

THE place to spot James Blunt, as he owns the restaurant La Vache in the resort. He also has a local chairlift named after him, as does Diana Ross!

The Beckhams love it, as do Bono, Ronan Keating and Richard Branson who rents his chalet out here complete with 18 staff for a 'bargain' 180,000 francs per week! Maybe due to Brexit he may be up for a spot of negotiation now?!

3. St Moritz

Alfred Hitchcock was a regular back in the day, but these days you're more likely to bump into John Travolta, Liz Hurley and Robert de Niro (but don't stare too long if you spot him..'you looking at me?'). Ivana Trump also visits regularly but don't let that put you off...

2. Montreux

Currently hosting the world famous Jazz Festival, famous past residents include, of course, the legendary Freddie Mercury (look out for his statue on the lakeside path), and David Bowie who lived in nearby Blonay on and off for 20 years. Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the water' was written AND recorded here.

1. Zermatt

Wow. Now this place is a magnet! Probably due to the fact that it's very discreet. Phil Collins owns a chalet here, as well as Abba's Frida Lyngstad, who lives with her partner, a Viscount. Robbie Williams rocks up regularly to party and ski, as do Nicole Kidman, Sting, Brad and Angelina, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Popular hangouts include 'Chez Vrony', (my favourite up in the hamlet of Findeln) with unbelievable views of the Matterhorn, shown on the picture here.

If you have any luck in your star spotting, let us know!

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