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The Yale Alley Cats are back in the studio

Mid Morning Mix // WRS // March 13, 2017

The Yale Alley Cats return once again to sing for their supper.

This is the second time that all 16 members of the Yale Alley Cats have crammed themselves into the WRS studio to sing for us. We had the pleasure of welcoming Erifer, Jacob, Mark, Sachin, Mohit, Robert, Arthur, Tyler, Aiden, Griffin, Laurence, Hale, Elih, Sean, Dustin and Nick into the studio once again before they ran off to perform in Geneva with a busy programme and a couple of a cappella gigs a day. 

It was an absolute pleasure to have them back in the studio and we'd highly recommend that you experience their incredible voices and enthusiasm in person, especially for such a brilliant price of 'free'. (Donations taken at the door!)

They'll be at the Emmanuel Church in Geneva this evening from 7pm, but head over for refreshments from 6pm.

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