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The Rolex Awards

Events // April 15, 2015

The Rolex Awards for enterprise, honour people who are undertaking vital projects around the world,

The Rolex Awards

Projects which are striving to improve lives or protect the world's natural and cultural heritage.

The awards have been running since 1976 and the most recent Rolex Award young laureates have been in Geneva this week.

The recipients are selected by an international jury of independent experts. Projects are assessed on their originality, potential for impact, feasibility and, above all, on the candidates own spirit of enterprise.

The winners receive between CHF 50,000 and 100,000 to help them continue their work.

Francesco Sauro is a Rolex Award young laureate for 2014. He's  an Italian geologist, whose calling is to explore the subterranean mountainous caves of South America, in search of clues as to the geological evolution of the earth. Quartzite caves that twist and turn for hundreds of kilometres underground.

Situated Inside the famous table-top mountains that rise out of the Amazon jungle on the Venezuelan/Brazilian border, that are known locally as the 'houses of God'. We're talking about some of the most remote terrain on the planet. Areas that can only be accessed by helicopters and on-foot, with everything required for survival, carried in.

You can find out more - http://www.rolexawards.com

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