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The Christmas Giftbox Appeal - spread some much needed joy this year

The Breakfast Show // General // By Mark // Oct. 16, 2020

Every year the Gift Box Project sends much needed items to underprivileged children in the poor areas of Eastern Europe.

You can help by creating a gift box, which while should contain items to make Christmas fun, such as sweets, chocolate and toys, but also will make a big difference for the following year.

Many of the children lack school materials, basic toiletries, and clothes such as hats, scarves and gloves.

Your box should have pens, pencils, exercise books and other school essentials. The reality is, if the kids don't have these - they won't go to school.

Our studios can be used as a drop-off point. If you'd like to leave a box here, email us and let us know and arrange a time: studio (at) worldradio.ch

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