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TEDxLausanne - Braving New Worlds

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Politics // April 13, 2017

TEDxLausanne 2017 covers the theme of 'Braving New Worlds'

The organizing committee of TEDxLausanne invites you to listen to a dozen visionary speakers who are crafting these new worlds, all on one Friday afternoon.

Damien Gauthier and Emily Deschaine organise the event that hopes to tackle some pretty big questions: What if the best of democracy was to come? Do facts still matter in the age of social media? What can we learn from building on Mars? Are blockchains the next digital revolution? How to feed a warming world?

Emily and Damien joined Katt in the WRS studio in the run-up to the event to talk about the upcoming event and the topics that we might hope to understand more when discussing how to brave new worlds...

This event takes place on Friday 21 April 2017 - 14:00 at UNIL Amphimax General admission: 100CHF. Student tickets: 50CHF. This is an english event, with live webcast. Registration is now open on ​tedxlausanne.com​. 

Tags: TEDx, lausanne

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