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Swiss Solidarity organises fundraiser for famine victims in Africa

The Breakfast Show // Politics // By WRS // April 11, 2017

The UN reports that the largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War is unfolding in Africa. Swiss Solidarity and its partner relief organizations raised the alarm in mid-March and launched an appeal for donations. One million Swiss francs has already been raised. Now Swiss Solidarity is organizing a national fundraising day on 11th April for the victims of famine in Africa.

British Red Cross Swiss Solidarity organises fundraiser for famine victims in Africa

Donate to Swiss Solidarity here.

Famine has been officially declared by the UN in South Sudan, and the situation in Nigeria and Somalia is critical. The worst drought in 60 years is being considerably aggravated by armed conflicts in some regions. Swiss Solidarity and its partner organisations on the ground in the region are raising the alarm. The race against time has begun and if nothing is done immediately, millions of people could die. Swiss Solidarity is appealing for donations.

The figures associated with this silent disaster, which is being overlooked by institutional donors, speak volumes. In South Sudan, 4.9 million people depend on urgent humanitarian aid; in Somalia, they number 2.5 million, and in Nigeria 5.1 million. Swiss Solidarity and its partners are launching a joint appeal to mobilise all the powers in a position to provide emergency assistance.

Swiss Solidarity’s partner NGOs are hard at work, but the money they need in order to continue their activities and reach more affected communities is lacking. In South Sudan, where access to the most hard-hit areas is extremely challenging, EPER, Medair, Caritas, the Swiss Red Cross and Terre des hommes are already helping many thousands of people by delivering emergency medical care, food and water. In Somalia, where a cholera epidemic has been exacerbating the situation recently, Save the Children, Adra and Medair are hard at work. In Nigeria, Save the Children is currently supporting vast numbers of displaced persons thanks to a special contribution from Swiss Solidarity.

National fundraising day
The national fundraising day is being organized by Swiss Solidarity and is supported by Swiss Solidarity’s partner relief organizations, an association of private radio stations (‘Privatradios pro Glückskette’), and other private media outlets. Numerous fundraising events are being organized by the public.


Our partner organizations operating locally
Swiss Solidarity's partner relief organizations are already operating in Africa, but there is not enough money to continue their work in helping the local population. In South Sudan, where access to the worst hit regions is severely restricted, HEKS, Medair, Caritas Switzerland, the Swiss Red Cross and Terre des hommes – helping children worldwide are providing emergency relief to several thousand people, distributing food, water and medical aid. In Somalia, where the situation has deteriorated recently owing to a cholera epidemic, Save the Children, ADRA and Medair are providing relief. In Nigeria, Save the Children is helping large groups of refugees, using individual sums given by Swiss Solidarity.


As Sophie Balbo from Swiss Solidarity explains – these people are in great immediate need, but your money will also go towards building a better future for people trapped in war and famine.

Mark asked Sophie how people’s donations will be spent…

If you feel you would like to help along with Swiss Solidarity's cause you can make donations here.


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