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SUN Bioscience: talking medical testing of the future

Mid Morning Mix // Science & Technology// Health // April 18, 2019


Sylke Hoehnel and Nathalie Brandenberg from SUN bioscience join Katt Cullen for the Mid Morning Mix.

Image: Katt Cullen (WRS), Sylke Hoehnel and Nathalie Brandenberg (SUN bioscience) in the WRS studio


Today's medical research is still widely carried out using animal tissue; a practice deemed cruel and, as animal and human cells are not identical, often innacurate. To tackle this issue, Sylke Hoehnel and Nathalie Brandenberg created SUN bioscience - a bio engineering company that cultivates organoids; mini-organs derived from stem cells, to provide personalised drug efficacy tests.

Sylke Hoehnel from Lausanne, Switzerland, has been nominated for the 2019 Cartier Women's Initiative to represent Europe. 





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