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Sternenpracht / Poinsettia at Meiers

Gardening & Green Spaces // Nov. 14, 2017
Provided by // Meier Garden-Centre

In the Christmas season, the Christmas Poinsettias are the absolute star among the flowering houseplants. With their coloured, star-shaped and lush foliage, they bring a piece of nature into the house in the dark season and ensure good mood and Christmas spirit.

Meier Sternenpracht / Poinsettia at Meiers

A suitable location, proper watering and some love and care are the most important prerequisites for a long poinsettia life. But watch out for quality when you buy! At the leading Garden Center Meier in Dürnten, the most "English" Garden Center in Switzerland, these plants are recommended, and have been home-grown and cultivated in our own greenhouses and region and are therefore already in a very good condition. A healthy, fresh plant can be seen with dense foliage without visible damage, as well as with yellow-green, budding flowers between the coloured high-leaves, advises Managing Director Erwin Meier. In its own nursery, Meier is cultivating nearly 10,000 Christmas poinsettias each year of all sizes and forms, with a real flowering sea of pink, cream, yellow and classic red. And don’t forget, on Sunday the 12th of December we are celebrating “Poinsettia Day”! Give your loved ones a special, star-filled greeting this Christmas. Meier in Dürnten, situated between Rapperswil and Hinwill and only 20 minutes from Zurich. 


The Garden Centre is open Mondays to Saturdays until the 23rd December, with everyone here to help make your visit perfect in every way.


Meier in Dürnten, situated between Rapperswil and Hinwill and only 20 minutes from Zurich.

Ernst Meier AG Garten-Center
Kreuzstrasse 2
(Gewerbezone Lättenmoos)
8635 Dürnten

Tel. +41 (0)55 251 71 71


Meier – It’s the place where gardeners go.




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