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Southbound storks suggest cooler temperatures are on their way

Explore Switzerland// Health // Aug. 11, 2015

A flock of stocks was spotted on their southbound migration in the Nyon area. There's nothing unusual about this, but it does suggest that the weather may turn cold earlier this year than last year.

Southbound storks suggest cooler temperatures are on their way

Local resident Bob Ramsay spotted a flock of about 12 storks flying near Nyon.

"I have seen the storks around here before," he told WRS, "usually later in the summer but also around April.

"In April this means that Spring is on the way as the storks are heading north. At this time of year, the storks are on their migration south and I reckon this is a good few weeks earlier than usual.

"Seeing them this weekend means that nature has decided that summer is coming to an end. Sorry that some people may be disappointed but nature usually gets it right."

Bob, who first mistook the birds for herons, but checked with a pair of binoculars, said he couldn't believe his eyes at first.

Although he didn't have a camera handy this time, Bob did take a picture of the storks roosting on a crane in Nyon a few years ago one September.

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